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Richard Tao

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in U. City

Where did you go to High School?
Country day school (Micds)

What’s a book that you’re embarrassed to say that you’ve never read / pretended that you have read?
I can honestly say I have never pretended to have read a book that I didn’t read, so I will have to punt on this one!

What are You currently reading?
“Forks” -a quest for culture, cuisine and connection by Allan Karl, but at none other than Novel Neighbor ….and pretty much simultaneously “the year of living biblically” and “how we got to now”

What do you like best about the NOVEL NEIGHBOR?
I like how well edited it is and how comfortable it is to be there. It’s like the Cheers of bookstores! 🙂

If you could only recommend one book?
A hundred years if solitude

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