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Mystery Box

Let us surprise you with a mystery box!

This is how it works: you select $35, $50, $75 or $100, we’ll send you a box of books and other fun stuff!

Leave a note at checkout if you have a target age group or guiding ideas, like:

  • Happiness, joy and mindfulness
  • Boredom busters for kids
  • Activism and social issues
  • Romance/Mystery/Sci-Fi
  • Harry Potter
  • Serial Killers/True Crime
  • Staff Favorites

Shipping is included (United States only).

Please note that we will consult our sales records to do our best to send you new and unique items, but we cannot offer refunds or exchanges.

To purchase multiple boxes for different recipients and/or different sizes:

  • Please complete the checkout process at PayPal and click “Return to Merchant” to place a separate order .
  • Here's where you can tell us about yourself (or the recipient, if this is a gift). What kind of books/merch are you looking for? You can be specific or use general guidelines like "Staff Favorites," "diverse picture books," or "books for a third grader who loves magic." If you're up for anything, just say "Surprise me!"
  • If this is a gift, we are happy to include a personalized note for you. Please enter your message below!
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