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Become a Novel Neighbor (Loyalty Program)


  • Get notified of exclusive sales.
    These special sales are only for our Novel Neighbors. Join the loyalty program and we’ll let you know when you can come by for additional discounts and extended hours, exclusive to loyalty program members.
  • Earn a $5 coupon for every $100 spent.
    Don’t worry, you won’t have to keep track of anything. We have computers for this kind of stuff. So when you reach $100, we’ll simply remind you that your coupon is ready to use.
  • Sip free coffee or tea when visiting.
    Help yourself to our coffee and warm/bottled tea while perusing the store.
  • Get free use of our community space.
    As long as you aren’t charging people to attend your event, you’re welcome to have your event here free of charge. It’s a great place to meet up with friends.
  • Gain access to advance copies of new releases.
    This perk might the most exciting. Publishers often send copies of books before their general release. We’ll share these advance copies with our Novel Neighbors.