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Register Your Bookclub


Register your personal book club and whenever your members purchase their books through us, they will receive 20% off the purchase of that month’s book!

How it works: Let your book club members know you’ve registered at The Novel Neighbor. All they will need to do is reference your name (or the name of your book club if you have a fun name) when purchasing their books to receive 20% off their purchase. Only the book currently registered with your book club will be eligible for discount, so be sure to update as soon as you know your new title!  Title may be updated via the second form below.

Book Club Registry

  • This person will serve as the contact for the registered club.
  • If your book club has a fun name, let us know! When members purchase books they can either reference this name or the organizer's name.

Already registered? Great! Just fill out this quick form to update your title!

  • Organizer's name
  • Only the current title is eligible for discount. Make sure to update regularly!