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Out of This World Sci-Fi Author Event

April 13 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Brown Books is hosting an Out of This World Live Virtual Event with award-winning YA Sci-Fi author Tracy Richardson (The Catalysts Series) and Australia’s #1 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Author Traci Harding (The Ancient Future Trilogy).


Ms. Richardson and Ms. Harding’s books are not currently available to purchase from our website, but you can place your order with us in-store, by phone (314) 738-9384, or by emailing hello[at]thenovelneighbor.com.


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About Catalyst (by Tracy Richardson)

Marcie is spending her summer working on the archeological dig that her mother runs: Angel Mounds, a site of an ancient indigenous civilization. Soon after she arrives, she meet some intriguing individuals, and becomes wrapped up in a supernaturally-charged mission to save the planet from the destruction man has brought upon itself.

Marcie Horton has a sixth sense. Not in the “I see dead people” way, but . . . well, maybe a little. She feels a sort of knowing about certain things that can’t be explained-an intuition that goes beyond the normal. Then there was that one summer four years ago, when she connected with a long-departed spirit . . . But nothing that incredible has happened to Marcie since.
This summer, Marcie is spending time working at Angel Mounds, the archeological dig her mother heads, along with her brother, Eric, and his girlfriend, Renee. The dig is the site of an ancient indigenous civilization, and things immediately shift into the paranormal when Marcie and her teammates meet Lorraine and Zeke. The two mysterious dig assistants reveal their abilities to access the Universal Energy Field with their minds-something Marcie knows only vaguely that her brother has also had experience with. Marcie learns how our planet will disintegrate if action is not taken, and she and her team must decide if they are brave enough to help Lorraine and Zeke in their plan to save Mother Earth, her resources, and her history. It looks like the summer just got a lot more interesting


About The Ancient Future: The Dark Age (by Traci Harding)

Late one evening, en route to visit a relative, an accident leaves Tory–the attractive, twenty-something daughter of a prominent history professor–stranded near a ring of stones in Britain. Tory resolves to spend the night at the stone circle and seek help in the morning….

But across the vortex of time and space, she is taken back to the Dark Age. There she meets Prince Maelgwn of Gwynedd and his band of warriors. Initially her ‘strange’ appearance frightens them and they believe she is the notorious witch fabled to frequent the site. But she overcomes their fear and soon the tales of her adventures, brave deeds and beauty spread across the land.




About the Authors

Traci Harding is an Australian science-fantasy author who currently has twelve books in publication, on the Voyager label of HaperCollins Publishers Australia. Her work blends fantasy, fact, esoteric belief, time travel and quantum physics, into adventurous romps through history, ulternative dimensions, universes and states of consciousness.

Tracy Richardson lives in Indianapolis and spends her free time reading – almost any genre, cooking, dancing and making things – usually from yarn or fabric.



April 13
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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