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Featured Novel Neighbor: Anne Leners

Where did you grow up?  On a farm in northwest Iowa.

Where did you go to High School?   Emmetsburg, Iowa.

What’s a book that you’re embarrassed to say that you’ve never read / pretended that you have read?  Not embarassed by the first question, so no point to do the second. As it’s not mathematically possible to ready EVERY book I would ever want to, I just do my best. I add the book to my Overdrive queue or one of 3 piles next to the bookcase full of the not-yet read books. Sometimes my husband does get a little queasy when he calculates the weight load on that section of the house. He has not begun to figure the precentage that came from the Novel Neighbor.

What are you currently reading?  L’Affaire Tournesol by Herge’. Just back from Nyon, Switzerland and inspired to read the Tintin bande desinee’ inspired by that part of the world. (Obviously, cannot figure out accents on my email.)

If you could only recommend one book?  A dictionary with a grammer section in the back. Then you could write your own.

What do you like best about the NOVEL NEIGHBOR? That there are so many things to like: the staff, the store layout, the books, the other customers I meet, the candles, the bathroom, or the snarky cards. But if I had to choose one, it’s that there is often a message for me that a book I’ve ordered is ready for pick up. When I come in, there’s another book that a bookseller saw and thought I’d like to read sitting next to it!

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